Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy is a company founded in Helsinki 2013, which offers a variety of law and consulting services. We are a reliable and solution-oriented partner for companies as well as individual persons. Our services combine the strong international know-how of our personnel and high-quality competence in various branches of law.

The core values of our operations are absolute confidentiality, accountability and, above all, customer interest. We maintain absolute confidentiality in every customer relationship which continues also after the case. We invest in the easiness of communication between our team and our customers, as best and innovative solutions come from seamless collaboration. Identifying the customers individual needs and goals in addition to our comprehensive services guarantee efficient performance and customer satisfaction.

Legal Services for Individuals
There will be moments in every person’s life when professional legal help is needed. Our lawyers are here for you both in everyday situations and in the more demanding legal issues. Kaspian Law & Consulting provides comprehensive and competent legal expertise in all areas of law, such as family and inheritance law, children’s rights, immigration law, tax law, contractual and compensation law, labor law and criminal law matters. Our international and multilingual lawyers have strong experience and expertise in the field of legal affairs. Our lawyers are easy to reach and you can talk to them openly and confidentially. As our customers’ life situations are unique, we focus on the functionality of communication between our lawyers and our customers. It is important for us to hear our customers and to provide a corresponding and comprehensive service for your needs. That is why our first consultant meeting is always free if you decide to finalize a contract with Kaspian. This way we can guarantee that our operations are always in your best interests and cost-effective. Contact us so we can discuss the best way to help you!

Consulting and Legal Services for companies
Our goal is to help you grow and create an environment for your company that allows you to concentrate on your business. We support your company not only in your everyday business but also in demanding special situations. Our professional team has many years of experience in business law as well as import and foreign exports in the industry. Our operations cover fluent distribution and after sales services, effective marketing and expert advice in business and legal matters. Our innovative and knowledgeable team works together with your people to find the best solutions for your company and to develop your business. Our services are always tailor-made to suit your individual needs and goals. We would be happy to be a part in making your business a success story!


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Kaspian Law & Consulting is the solution to all your life challenges. Our areas of expertise include a strong international point of view and experience without comparison. Please feel free to contact us, let’s get to know each other and work on your challenges together!


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