Kaspian Law & Consulting supports the export of  Finnish innovations and technology abroad. Kaspian Law & Consulting also works as a reliable partner for companies operating in international markets. We help you to internationalize and implement the goals of your company and its owners through our professional services, covering both legal and business consulting and actions. A good business strategy that takes into account the business environment and business practices that are in constant change will enable you to grow your business and value. Our network in our operating area is very comprehensive allowing us to get quick results for our customers. Our contacts with other networks strengthens our competence and offers the possibility for a truly global service.

We help our clients to set up a business and to find the partners that meet your needs. Our company has good diplomatic relations with many Embassies in Finland and excellent local knowledge of many areas. Our unparalleled language skills and our knowledge of local business culture guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and the efficiency of our operations. Together, we can find the most suitable solutions for your business and work with purpose to reach your goals.


Greetings from the CEO

Transition to the international market requires enthusiasm from the entrepreneur and the desire to grow but expertise, experience and contacts are also needed for success. Foreign culture, language and different business practices can often result in unexpected difficulties and reduce business efficiency. This is why competent and professional assistance is always a business-minded and cost-effective solution for the company.

Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy is an international, reliable, experienced and professional partner for your business. Our job is to help your company grow and act as a support not only in your every day business, but also in demanding special situations. Our professional team has many years of experience in foreign industrial importing and exporting. The efficiency of our operations is based not only on the strong experience, but also on the extensive and functional contact network in the areas mentioned above as well as excellent local knowledge and language skills. We work in co-operation with representatives of our companies located in the target countries and in close proximity with our network of partners to meet your company’s goals. Our innovative and knowledgeable team works together with your people to find the best business solutions for your company and to develop your business.

The core values of our operations are absolute confidentiality, accountability and the customers’ interests. We invest in the easiness of communication between our team and our customers, as best and innovative solutions come from seamless cooperation. We always have the individual needs of your business as the base for our actions and we are committed to reaching your goals. This way we can ensure that our operations are not only effective but also of high quality and forward-looking.

Let’s work together and make your business a success story!


Best regards,

Mathias Jamehdarian
Kaspian Law & Consulting Oy







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