Tax Law

Tax law matters are an integral part of the company’s business. We offer practical tax solutions that support our customers’ business operations in all business phases, both in day-to-day operations and in special situations. Our professional lawyers will find solutions that fit your needs and are fiscally effective. We help our customers, for example, in capital and wealth taxes as well as VAT and asset transfer taxes. Our service includes anticipatory tax planning, as well as afterwards transactions with the Tax Administration, such as, for example, tax audits and post-tax responses and complaints.

In the field of personal taxation, relying on expert help is, for example, profitable in matters of inheritance and gift taxation, because a knowledgeable plan can save you from unpleasant surprises. It is a good idea for a private person to make use of all available deductions in taxation but comprehending them often requires legal expertise. Our professional lawyers will find effective solutions which fit your needs and are fiscally effective. We help our customers both proactively with tax planning services and afterwards with the Tax Administration.



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